Skyliner Game | How to Play and Features Explained


Skyliner game, launched by Gaming Corps, is a simple and easy-to-play crash game in online casinos. The skyline-themed crash game offers exciting rewards in each round.

Skyliner Game

Skyliner is a game wherein you must place bets on how high an airplane can fly. The game is set in the backdrops of skylines with a golden touch and soulful music. An airplane will fly at the beginning of the game, and you have to withdraw winnings before it vanishes off the skyline.

How to Play Skyliner Game Online?

The Skyliner casino game offers entertainment and plenty of rewards. It is a game with an airplane flying to attain new altitudes, increasing the multiplier coefficient and probable winnings.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how to play the crash game.

  • Place your bets before the airplane takes off. Like most crash games, you can place two bets in each round of the Skyliner game.
  • The airplane takes off in the background of the skyline, and the multiplier coefficient will begin from x1.00.
  • As the airplane flies high, the multiplier coefficient will keep increasing. However, you must cash out your winnings before it vanishes off the screen.
  • On successful cashout, the winnings, calculated by multiplying the waged amount with the multiplier coefficient at the moment of cash out, are credited instantly to your account.

The duration of each Skyliner round depends on how high the airplane flies in each round.

Skyliner Crash Game Features

The Skyliner game online has many exciting features. Some of them are Two Bets, Auto Bet, Auto Collect, Live Statistics, Demo Mode, etc. Here’s a look at the Skyliner features in brief:

Auto Bet:

The feature allows the automatic placing of bets in each round. You have to set a fixed amount, and the system places bets on your behalf in each round of the Skyliner game.

Auto Collect:

If you’re tired of manually clicking on Collect to withdraw your winnings, the Auto Collect feature makes things easier. Enter a multiplier before the round begins, and the system will automatically withdraw winnings when the airplane reaches that coefficient.

Live Statistics:

This feature will help analyze the game and develop strategies while placing bets. The previous round multipliers, your previous bets, winnings, etc., are available in the Live Statistics feature.

Free Games:

The demo mode is an excellent way to learn the game. You can play for free and get a feel of the Skyliner Game. Also, all features are accessible in the demo mode.

The above listed are some of the top features of the Skyliner casino game.

How is Skyliner different from Aviator and JetX?

Like the Aviator and JetX games, the Skyliner game online is a crash game in which you must wager how far a flying object will go before vanishing or exploding. The Skyliner game features a propeller airplane flying across a city skyline. In contrast, the Aviator game features a red aircraft flying over a retro black background, and the JetX game features a futuristic spaceship flying in outer space.

Concluding Thoughts

Skyliner is another Crash game garnering plenty of attention in online casinos. With its simple gameplay and exciting features, the game is expected to fly even higher in the virtual gaming world.

FAQs about Skyliner Game

1-How to Play Skyliner Game?

The Skyliner game is all about an airplane flying in the background of a skyline. You have to withdraw winnings before it goes off the screen.

2-What are some of the features of the Skyliner game online?

Auto Bet, Auto Collect, Live Statistics, etc., are some of the features in the Skyliner game.

3-Are there any similar games to Skyliner?

Aviator, JetX, JetX3, CrashX, FootballX, etc., are some of the games similar to the Skyliner casino game.