F777 Fighter Crash Game | How to Play and Features Explained 


F777 Fighter is a popular crash game among online casino enthusiasts. The multipliers keep increasing in this military aircraft-based game, and umpteen rewards are up for grabs in each round.

F777 Fighter

F777 Fighter, launched by OnlyPlay in 2021, is a true innovation in online crash games. It is a multiplayer game that allows online casino game enthusiasts worldwide to experience the thrill of crash games and exciting rewards daily. A military aircraft will take off from the airbase, and as it flies high, so the multiplier. The aim is to take your winnings before the aircraft explodes.

How to Play F777 Fighter Game?

As mentioned above, the F777 Fighter game involves a military aircraft and a multiplier. The goal of this crash game is to take your winnings before the aircraft explodes. Bonuses are available during the game, which increases the multiplier coefficient, eventually increasing your winnings.
Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how to play F777 Fighter game:

  • Before a new round of the game begins, place your bet. You can place two bets in each F77 Fighter game round
  • Once the aircraft takes off, the multiplier coefficient will increase
  • As the aircraft can explode randomly, ensure to take off your winnings before it is in flames
  • The winnings are calculated by multiplying your bet amount with the multiplier coefficient at withdrawal time
  • Auto bet and auto take (withdrawal) are available in the game

You can play unlimited F777 fighter game rounds daily.

F777 Fighter Crash Game Features

The crash game has some exciting features that make the gameplay more engaging and entertaining. Some exciting features include Dual Bets, Auto Mode, Bonus, Jackpot, etc. Let us look at all the features in brief:

Two Bets:

You can make two bets in each game round. It will help multiply winnings from each game.

Auto mode:

In this game, you can set the stake for each round of play and withdraw the winnings for each round automatically using Auto Bet and Auto Take options. Auto Bet is all about setting a predetermined bet amount for each round. Meanwhile, Auto Take instructs the system to take your winnings when the aircraft reaches a predetermined multiplier coefficient.


The aerial refueling has a significant impact on the multiplier coefficient. The refueling happens when the aircraft is flying. After successful refueling, the coefficient automatically increases.


A progressive jackpot is available in the F777 Fighter Crash game. It is available once the multiplier coefficient goes past x3.00. The jackpot value resets to the beginning value when all winners are informed that the jackpot has been won. The random number generator decides the jackpot win.

Bet Statistics:

With the help of this feature, you can know the previous round multipliers, the highest winnings in each round, the number of bets in each round, your bet history, winnings, and more. It helps analyze the game and make logical choices in each game round.

Demo mode:

You can play the game for free in the demo mode. The free version helps you understand the game and learn the various interesting aspects of this exciting crash game.

The above features make the game appealing to all online casino players.

Concluding Thoughts

F777 Fighter is a crash game that offers exciting thrills and rewards. If you love games with a military theme, this fighter game is a must-experience crash gaming adventure.

FAQs about F777 Fighter

1-How to play F777 Fighter game?

The game involves a military aircraft taking off from an airbase. You have to withdraw your winnings before the aircraft explodes.

2Is F777 Fighter a crash game?

It is a crash game that involves big multipliers and exciting bonuses during the game.

3-What are some F777 Fighter game features?

Some of the features include Two Bets, Auto Bet, Auto Take, Bonus, etc.