Cricket Crash – How to Play and Earn Money Online


Gear up for the cricket season with one of the most popular online cricket crash games – Cricket Crash. It was launched by Onlyplay in 2023 and is a hot game among cricket enthusiasts at online casinos.

Cricket Crash

The action has shifted to the field as, in this crash game, you have to bet how long the ball will keep flying after being hit by the batsman. The key is to withdraw your winnings before the ball explodes. It is a simple and easy game that cricket fans will love. 

How to Play Cricket Crash Game

Cricket crash game is an exciting adventure for cricket fans and online casino players alike. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play the crash game: 

  1. The game begins with the wicket-keeper and batsman awaiting the bowler to deliver the ball
  2. Place your bet before the game before the batsman hits the ball 
  3. The ball will start flying with the fans in the background    
  4. Make sure to take out the winnings before the ball explodes 
  5. Like most crash games, auto bet and auto take (withdrawal) are available

Cricket fans can play the Cricket Crash game many times daily.

Cricket Crash Online Game features

Features optimize the gaming experience, boost winning chances, and guarantee fairness and transparency. Some of the features of the Cricket Crash game include:

Auto mode

You can set the stake for each subsequent game round in this game and the take of the winnings in each round to be carried out automatically using Auto mode.

Auto Bet

To activate auto mode for the wager, i.e., to make the bet automatically for each game round (auto bet), you must set the stake value and select the Auto Bet icon in the stake section to activate it (blue button). 

  • The Auto Bet option initiates the Auto Bet session in accordance with the settings you’ve chosen, namely the bet value specified in the Bet module
  • The bet amount cannot be changed during the Auto Bet session
  • Bets are placed automatically after the previous game round’s action in the Auto Bet session
  • The Auto Bet session will run until you click the correct Auto Bet switch button to deactivate it (the inactive button is gray in color)
  • The Auto Bet session ends when the wager value you choose exceeds your balance

Auto Take

To enable auto mode for the withdrawal feature, specifically to make the take, press the Win button when the specified multiplier coefficient shows on the game screen (Auto Take).

  • The multiplier coefficient can be adjusted before the game round is over by clicking on the Auto Take switch button in the Take section to make it active (the active button is blue in color)
  • You can adjust the multiplier coefficient by clicking the appropriate “+” and “-” buttons in the Take section
  • The Auto Take session starts when you press the Auto Take button. Once Auto Take is activated, you can’t change the multiplier
  • Select the corresponding Auto Take switch button to deactivate to conclude an Auto Take session. Your Auto Take session ends automatically when your wager value exceeds your balance.

Double Bets

In Cricket Crash, you can make two bets simultaneously on the same game round. To use this function, click the Place Bet buttons. You must perform the same steps as for the first bet in the second betting area to place a second wager, including setting the wager amount and selecting the Place Bet button for the second wager.

Random Jackpot

If awarded, the Jackpot value is always displayed on the screen. When the Jackpot is won, all winners are notified, and the Jackpot value is reset to its initial value.

  • A random number generator determines the gaming session and time of the Jackpot win.
  • Cricket Crash is a multiplayer game, so the Jackpot can be won by any player who doesn’t end the game round by withdrawing the winnings.

Concluding Thoughts 

Cricket Crash Game is a new and exciting online casino game that blends the thrill of cricket with the energy of crash games. With a 95% RTP, it’s a decent Crash game overall. Well, the cricket fans will love this crash game. 

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FAQs about Cricket Crash 

The Cricket crash game involves a wicket-keeper, batsman, bowler, and the ball. You must place bets on how high the ball will fly and withdraw winnings before it explodes

You can win up to 500x in this crash game.