FlyX Casino Game – How to Play and Win Big


FlyX is an exciting casino crash game offering big rewards. It is all about a superhero flying high and offering rewards in each round. Unlike other crash games, an animated character is the game’s focal point. 

FlyX Casino Game

FlyX is an engaging casino crash game hitting new waves at online casinos. The goal of the game is to place a bet on a superhero who will fly, and you must withdraw your winnings before the superhero vanishes from the screen. 

How to Play FlyX Game

It is a game that is simple to understand and easy to play. It has a superhero aiming for new altitudes. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how to play the crash game at online casinos. 

  1. Place your bet on the platform before a new round of the game begins. You can place two bets in each FlyX game round 
  2. Once the superhero takes off, the multiplier coefficient will increase, beginning from 1.00x
  3. Take off your winnings before the superheroes vanish from the game screen. 
  4. The winnings from the crash game are calculated by multiplying your bet amount with the final multiplier coefficient at withdrawal time
  5. Autoplay options are available – Auto Bet and Auto Cash Out

There is no limitation on the number of games you can play daily. 

FlyX Crash Game Features 

The superhero crash game has some interesting game elements that make the game a popular one at online casinos. The exciting features of the crash include Double Bets, Autoplay, Bet Statistics, etc. 

Here’s a brief look at all the features:

Double Bets:

You can place two bets in each game round. It is a great way to double your winnings from the FlyX casino game.


With the help of this feature, you can set the bet amount for each round of play and withdraw the winnings automatically using Auto Bet and Auto Cash Out options. Auto Bet is placing a predetermined bet for each round. Meanwhile, Auto Cash Out is a way to take out our winnings automatically. Set a multiplier; the system will withdraw winnings when the superhero reaches that predetermined multiplier coefficient.

Bet Statistics:

Know the previous round multipliers, the highest winnings in each round, the number of bets in each round, your bet history, winnings, and more using the Bet Statistics feature. It can help you find trends and insights into the superhero’s flying trajectory.

Demo Game:

A free version of the FlyX game is available at all online casinos. Play the demo mode to understand the game and learn about various strategies pertaining to it. 

These features make the game a must-try for online casino players of all skills.

Concluding Thoughts

The FlyX casino game offers the thrill and excitement of a crash game. It is a game that perfectly blends all the main essences of a casino crash game. Bet, fly, withdraw, and win! 

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FAQs about FlyX Game

The game involves a superhero flying. You must withdraw your winnings before the superhero vanishes from the game screen. 

It is a crash game that involves a superhero flying high and disappearing. 

Some FlyX game features include Double Bets, Autoplay, Bet Statistics, Demo Game, etc.