Maverick Game- Play and Win Real Money


Maverick game, very much similar to the Aviator online game, is gaining popularity recently due to its simplicity and unique gameplay. The crash game offers an immersive gaming experience. No matter your casino experience, this game will captivate you. 

Maverick Game

It is one of the latest additions to the crash game series, offering you to wager real money on how far an airplane will travel. Like other crash games, take out your winnings before the plane goes out of sight. 

  • The objective of the game is to predict how high the multiplier will go. 
  • The game has quality visuals and immersive gameplay. 
  • It is designed to be simple, fast-paced, and easy to understand, making it easy and thrilling at the same time. 

Following is some essential information about the Maverick game.

Game Provider1X2gaming
Release Date2023
Category Crash Games
Return To Player (RTP) 95%
Features Auto Cash Out, Double Bet, Live Bet Statistics, Demo Mode

How To Play Maverick Game Online

Playing the Maverick crash game is straightforward. Your primary task is to predict how far the airplane will travel before it goes out of sight. The farther it goes, the more multipliers you could win.

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide on how to play the game online: 

  1. Select a betting amount and confirm it before the round begins
  2. The plane begins to fly, and so does the multiplier from 1.00x 
  3. Keep an eye out for the plane 
  4. Withdraw your winnings before the plane exits from the screen. 
  5. Auto Cashout feature is available, wherein the winnings are automatically withdrawn. 

Features of Maverick Crash Game

Auto Cashout

It is a feature wherein you can make an automatic cashout. Set a multiplier and activate the feature before a new round begins. When the plane reaches that specific multiplier, the system will take out your winnings. 

Two Bets

Place two bets in each round and earn substantial winnings in each game. Double bets are available in each round, and you can double your winnings while playing the Maverick crash game.

Demo Mode

The demo version lets you play free games and helps you understand the crash game in depth. All features available in the real-money game are accessible in the demo mode.

Live Bet Statistics

You can view the bets made by other players, their cashout time, winnings, etc. Also, information on previous round multipliers, the highest winnings in the day, month, year, etc., are available.  

Concluding Thoughts

This game has become a favourite among online casino gaming enthusiasts due to its captivating theme, innovative gameplay, and unique features. Whether you are a beginner or a pro online casino player, the game offers an engaging casino gaming experience with an opportunity to win real money.

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FAQs about Maverick Game

In this game, you must place bets before a new round begins. You must take off your winnings before the plane takes off.

The demo version of the game is available on almost all online casinos.

The game features include Auto Cashout, Live Bet Statistics, Demo Mode, etc.