How to play Aviator? | Complete Guide to Aviator Game Rules


How to play Aviator? It’s no longer a myth. There are various speculations on how to win, how to earn money on online casinos through the Aviator game and how to hack the Aviator online game. All these are secondary questions, if you want to play the Aviator game online.

Aviator game rules are primary, as everything stems from the Rules. To be clinical in explaining it, all you need is a set of basic rules, and step-by-step guide to understand how it works. Once you have mastered the game rules, there is no stopping, and no going back.

To build an online casino empire, knowing the game rules is the foundation. Once that’s done, elevate your understanding with Aviator game tricks & tips.

What it is? | Aviator Game Kya Hai?

Aviator Rules
Aviator Rules

Aviator is a crash plane game. This category of games is addictive to the core, for various reasons, including:

  • Simpler rules
  • Shorter rounds
  • Smoother bets

In the Aviator game, you have a better chance of winning. It is a thrilling and exciting game that players of all ages can enjoy.

The introduction of a real-time multiplier is a lucrative move, and anyone with a basic knowledge of the rules can ace the game.

How to play Aviator? | Rules

The instructions on how to play Aviator are straight-forward.

Step 1: The game begins with the placing of bets.

Step 2: A plane takes off.

Step 3: For every second, the plane stays on the screen, your bet amount increases.

Step 4: You have to cash-out before the plane flies away.

Step 5:  If you cash-out well before, you win.

The winnings per round are calculated by multiplying the multiplier at the time of cashing out by the initial bet amount.

For example: You bet 10Rs. The plane takes off, and you cash out at 2x. You will get the total of 20Rs (2x 10Rs). 10Rs is your profit. 10Rs is your initial bet amount.

Play with Real Money

Facts & Features of the Aviator Real Money Game

The Spribe Aviator game is the most-trending online casino in India, because of its high RTP (Return to Player). It is more than 97%, which is quite extraordinary.

Once you have learned how to play Aviator, you have to understand how to manage your winnings and losses.

In the Aviator real money game, your initial bet amount is vital. How much you choose to bet determines how much you can win. As many gamblers suggest, always start small. Get into the game, learn with the smaller bets, and increase them gradually.

Aviator real money game must be played, only after spending enough time on Aviator demo game. We recommend you play the Demo version of Aviator now.

Key Features

Other than the availability of Demo Mode or Fun Mode, there are other salient factors that contribute to the Aviator game’s success.


This is the major differentiator of the Aviator real money game. Knowing how to place bets is as important as knowing how to play Aviator.

Auto-bet allows you to place your bets automatically, by setting the limits. Once you set the bet amount, you don’t need to place bets every time. Your bets are placed on time for all the upcoming rounds.

Auto-Cash Out

Auto-cash out is enticing, as it doesn’t require any precise action from your end. Once you set the multiplier at which you want to cash out, it is done automatically.

Always note that your internet connection is stable and you are monitoring the entire process.


Auto-play is an advanced version of auto-bet and auto-cash-out. You have options to choose from: when to stop and when to not bet.

If you are a beginner, we suggest you wait to start using auto-play option, until you have a clear strategy. How to play Aviator deals with the rules, while how to win Aviator deals with strategies. Using auto-play demands a long-term strategy.

Double Bet

Double bets are the easiest way to win in Aviator, if you have sufficient balance in your wallet.

Placing two bets for the same rounds gives you a chance of winning twice.

Proof-Based Technology Using Provably Fair Technology

Provably Fair Technology ensures that every winning result in Aviator Spribe games is impartial. With this technology, any third party cannot tamper with how the game is played, assuring fair results.

Game chat

In the game, you can communicate with other players, fostering a sense of community while improving your casino experience.

Live wagers

With this feature, you can quickly view your bets and the history of the most recent participants. You can even view how much other players are wagering and winning in the game. You have three options for selecting what will display on the screen:

  • Each bet – All players’ bets and winnings
  • Own bet- You can see your bet’s exact time, stake, profits, and multiplier/coefficient.
  • Highest bet- the highest wins for a round, a day, and the multiplier or coefficient for each win is also visible.

Light and flexible

This game is also designed for all devices and performs well on networks with limited bandwidth. You will get the same experience and enjoyment regardless of the device you are betting on.

Aviator App vs Aviator Website Version

Aviator App or Aviator Website Version? To figure out which one is better, you have to understand which one suits you the most.

Either way, you need enough internet connectivity. Understand why people prefer App to web version.

Aviator AppAviator Website Version
If you use mobile devices for playing AviatorIf you prefer desktop for playing Aviator
Faster game playBigger screen
UncomplicatedMore options on one screen
Many users opt for AppsProfessional users opt for this version
Rules, odds & winnings are the same.Rules, odds & winnings are the same.


Best Aviator Game App | Features

The best aviator game app is what you require to begin, as and when you learn how to play Aviator.

The best aviator game app has the following features:

  • The interface is clear in terms of navigation
  • No change in the coefficient or multiplier
  • Based on RNG (Random Number Generator)
  • Light in terms of file size
  • Compatible with your mobile device
  • Availability of other betting options as well
  • Exciting bonuses and offers

Download the Aviator App Now.

Shift: From ‘How to play Aviator’ to ‘Where to play Aviator Game’

Now is the time to shift your focus from how to play Aviator to where to play Aviator.

  1. Choose the right site based on your preference
  2. Ensure that the site has considerable bonuses
  3. Check the site’s reputation
  4. Look for reviews and feedback
  5. Confirm whether the app version is available or not

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to hack Aviator game online?

It is not possible to hack the Aviator game, as the odds are set by random number generator. All you can do is implement  strategies that work for you.

2.Is the Aviator game legit?

Yes. It uses Provably Fair technology to ensure fairness and impartiality.

3.Which is better: aviator app or aviator web version?

It depends on your preference. Many users choose the app version. The experienced bettors prefer the web version.

4.Can beginners use auto-play option in Aviator?

Auto-play is an effective tool, but it is recommended for those who completely understand the Aviator rules. So that, they can fix the odds by themselves.

5.Can I use double bets in Aviator?

Yes. There is an option to have dual bets for the same round in Aviator.