Dafabet Aviator: A Step-by-Step Guide


Dafabet Aviator is a crash game with unlimited fun and rewards. With the game’s objective being to cash out winnings before the plane flies off, there is never a shortage of excitement and thrill in playing the most popular crash game. Let’s find out more about the Aviator game on Dafabet. 

What is Dafabet Aviator?

Dafabet Aviator is the popular Aviator game available on the Dafabet platform. The game is about a plane taking off and gaining altitude. You must cash out your winnings before it flies away from the screen. It has quick gameplay, exciting in-game features, and big winnings are up for grabs.

How to Play Dafabet Aviator Game: A Step-by-Step Guide

In the Aviator game, the excitement begins well before the plane takes off. New users receive a whopping bonus, while plenty of other rewards are available. Let’s look at how to play the Aviator game on Dafabet. 

  1. Become a Dafabet member by clicking on the Join option. 
  2. On successful registration, deposit using various payment methods like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, Credit/Debit card, etc. 
  3. Once the money is deposited, go to the Arcade section on the Dafabet website or app and tap on Aviator
  4. Place your bets before the round begins. 
  5. Wait for the plane to take off and cash out before it vanishes from the screen.

In the captivating world of Dafabet Aviator, a plane takes off. The objective is simple: withdraw the winnings before the plane flies off the screen. What sets Aviator apart is seeing the plane scale new heights while the winnings, too, go up. 

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Dafabet Aviator Game Features

The Aviator game made an immediate impact due to its simple gameplay and exciting rewards. We look at some of the key features of the game:  

Interact & Win

The in-game chat feature allows you to interact with fellow Aviator players. It brings the necessary fun element into the picture. The social interaction will enhance the Aviator gaming experience. 

Double Bet

The double bet option helps the bettors to make two bets per round in Aviator. It is aimed at maximizing the winnings and making the game more exciting. Double bet means double the joy in Aviator.  

Auto Bet & Auto Cash Out

With plenty of rounds in Aviator, manually placing bets and cashing out winnings is not easy. Don’t worry; we have you covered! Auto bet and Auto cash out features help place bets and withdraw winnings automatically. 


Want to know the multipliers from the last few rounds? The Aviator game provides up-to-date information on multipliers from previous rounds. On top of the screen, the recent few multipliers will be listed. It helps plan the bet and make it successful.

Dafabet Aviator Demo Version

If you’re new to Aviator or want to learn about the game before betting real money, the free version is your best choice.

  • The demo version lets you understand the Aviator game mechanics and features.
  • It helps you compile and devise strategies before playing the game for real money.
  • You can learn essential insights into the game: multipliers from previous rounds, strategies used by fellow Aviator enthusiasts, etc.

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Dafabet Bonuses & Promotions

Dafabet offers plenty of promotions and bonuses for its users. The rewards from the platform help Aviator enthusiasts to maximize their winnings. Let’s look at some exciting promotions and bonuses on the Dafabet website and app.

  • Welcome Bonus: New users receive a 100% bonus on their first deposit on Common Wallet. The maximum bonus credited will be Rs. 8000.  
  • All-Star Gamer MVP: Win weekly special bonuses up to Rs. 4000 in the Dafabet All-Star Gamer MVP promotion. 

Don’t miss out and utilize the Dafabet promotions and bonuses. 

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Final Thoughts on Dafabet Aviator

Aviator offers an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience that combines thrill, strategy, and significant rewards. The crash game has always lived up to the expectations of online gamers, and the Dafabet Aviator, too, won’t disappoint you. Join DafaBet, make a deposit, and win big playing Aviator.  

FAQs about Dafabet Aviator 

Is a demo version available for the Aviator game on Dafabet?

The Aviator demo version allows players to learn the game, understand the gameplay, explore features, and develop strategies.

How do I start playing Aviator?

To start playing, register your account on the Dafabet platform. After you’ve signed up, log in, make a deposit, and play the game.

What is the Cash Out feature in the Aviator game?

The cash out feature lets you take out your winnings before the plane disappears from the screen. You need to click on the cash out button to secure your winnings.