Crash X Game Online – Features & Rules of CrashX Casino


Crash X is one of the most famous types of online games that keep gamers around the world on their toes. It offers gamers an immersive space exploration experience, providing a sense of excitement as they navigate through celestial objects because of its realistic visuals, sound effects, and animations.

Learn how Crash X is different from other online casino crash games, the key features and rules of Crash X online game. 

How is Crash X different from Aviator & other crash games?

The Crash X game is unique and different from Aviator in a few aspects,which include:

  • Crash X is a space-themed game, whereas Aviator is aviation-themed. 
  • Crash X uses a spacecraft that soars higher and higher until it explodes, while Aviator uses an aircraft that eventually flies off the screen.
  • Aviator has a predefined coefficient range, while Crash X has a dynamic coefficient range. Crash X can go from 1x to 1000x or more. 

Features of Crash X Game

Crash X is based on the idea of a rocket taking off and then exploding at a random point. The features of the game include:

Auto Cashout

When the game hits a specific multiplier, you can set up an option under the Auto Cashout function to automatically cash out your wager. This feature gives you peace of mind and assures you that you won’t miss out on any possible wins.

The auto-cashout feature is simple to set up. Simply choose the multiplier you wish to use as a trigger by using the “Auto Cashout (+ and -) buttons. When that multiplier is reached, the game will instantly cash out your wager.

You have more chances to win large by using this feature in both single and double betting options.


With the help of the autoplay feature in CrashX game, you can play the game without clicking each time. The game will work in accordance with your preferences and end whenever the requirements are satisfied.

In the bottom-right corner of the screen, click the Auto Bet button. A window will appear where you can adjust the parameters of your auto-betting options.

Dual bets

Dual bets enable you to place two wagers every round rather than just one. This increases your game’s flexibility and strategy. You can boost your earnings by placing multiple bets or experimenting with various multipliers.

Rounds history

At the top of the game interface, the accumulated multipliers from previous rounds are displayed.

The following include each result’s color mean:

  • Blue for multipliers below x1.99
  • Green for the multipliers between x2.00 and x9.99.
  • Yellow for the multipliers above x10.00

Personal Statistics

To check your individual statistics, click on the player rank symbol that is situated in the game header’s midsection. This data consists of:

Current Rank

This includes the total number of wagers that you have made.


Flights feature displays the total number of wagers that have been placed by the gamer.

Max Multiplier 

The maximum multiplier at which you have been able to successfully cash out is recorded in the Max Multiplier field.

Flying Hours

Exactly the duration of the rounds in which you played is taken into consideration when calculating your flying hours overall; it is an approximation of the total time you have spent playing the game.

Average Multiplier

The average multiplier of your cashouts is determined by the average multiplier feature. It is calculated by dividing the total cashout multipliers by the total number of rounds that you have played.

How to play Crash X game? – CrashX Game Rules

The objective of CrashX is that when the game begins, the spaceship grows at an increasing coefficient of 1x and has a maximum size of infinity, offering a relatively good chance of winning, but to do so, a player must exit the spaceship before it explodes.

All you have to do is follow these steps to play Crash X game:

  1. Launch the CrashX game and select your wager amount. You can place up to two wagers per round by selecting the Place Bet icons.
  2. Watch the spaceship soar higher and higher as you wait for the round to begin. As the spaceship ascends, you can see the multiplier rising from 1x on the screen, i.e., the coefficient increasing, indicating your potential reward.
  3. By choosing the cash out option, you may decide when to cash out your wager. You can cash out your rewards at any point before the spaceship explodes. Well, your wager will be multiplied by the current coefficient of what you cash out.

Final Thoughts on Crash X Game

This legendary format of the game is complemented by space astronauts. Additionally, the game has an RTP of 97%. Everyone who plays the provably fair CrashX can experience what it is like to win a fair game.

Play Crash X game online!

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