Spaceman Game Online | Features & Rules of Spaceman Casino


Spaceman game was created by Pragmatic Play and officially launched in 2022. This game centers its action on a little astronaut rather than a rocket or an aircraft, as we often see on other online crash games.
The Spaceman game online is more interactive than any standard casino game because it enables you to place wagers in real time. In addition, you can win multipliers of up to 5,000x when playing this game.

What Makes Spaceman Casino Game Special?

The Spaceman game is comparable to other crash games, yet it has certain distinguishing aspects that set it apart.
Here are some of the aspects that make Spaceman game unique:

  • Spaceman is set up with a space-based theme, and the main character is an astronaut. The astronaut is traveling through space, surrounded by planets and stars. The game’s bright and comical aesthetics create an immersive and enjoyable environment.
  • The Spaceman casino game includes a 50% cashout option that enables gamers to keep half of their wins while continuing to play with the other half. This aspect can help gamers increase their chances of winning.
  • Spaceman has a higher maximum win potential than other crash games, with an overall win potential of 5000x. This implies that if the gamer is patient enough, they may win a lot of rewards.

Features of the Spaceman game online

The features of the Spaceman Crash game are important as they have an impact on how players understand and engage with the content of the game. Well, the features include:


It is actually a re-bet feature, where you can automatically continue with the previous bet.

Auto cashout

With the help of this feature, you can keep half of your wins and play with the balance. When the multiplier hits 1x or greater, for example, and you set the auto cashout to 50%, the game will cash out 50% of your stake and keep the other 50% in play for as long as you choose. This ensures some profit while giving you the opportunity to win bigger.


The leaderboard feature ranks players according to how well they do in the game and updates in real-time, showing the following details for each gamer:

  • Usernames
  • Bet amount
  • Multiplier


The statistics feature enables you to access and track numerical data describing performance, outcomes, and patterns of the game.
By selecting the Statistics option at the bottom of the game screen, you can access the statistics feature.
The statistics feature displays the following information:

Last Results Of Spaceman game

You can use the latest results feature to keep an eye on the game’s progress, predict potential crash moments, and modify your betting strategy as necessary.


You can view a graphic representation of the game’s crash points and multipliers using the charts feature. Well, you can get a better grasp on the game’s stats, results, and patterns with the use of the charts tool.


It enables you to interact with other game participants. You may connect and engage by using the chat tool. By selecting the chat icon on the game screen, you can access the chat option.

How to play the Spaceman game? | Spaceman Casino Game Rules

To play the Spaceman Crash game, you need to follow these instructions:
Navigate to the games lobby and look for Spaceman.

  • Start the game and choose your wager size. Use the plus and minus icons at the bottom of the screen to adjust bet amounts.
  • You will notice two buttons when the gaming round starts i.e Cashout and Cashout 50%.
  • As the spaceman travels higher in space, the multiplier rises.
  • You should cash out at the right time before the collapse.

RTP of Spaceman Game

The RTP is 96.5%, and it is determined using a provably fair method that assures the game is neither rigged nor manipulated. Since the player may cash out at any moment before the spaceman crashes, the RTP is also impacted by the player’s betting technique and decision-making.

Final Thoughts on Spaceman Casino Game

Participate in a thrilling, cosmic encounter with Spaceman. The ability to perhaps win significant financial awards remains unaltered by the very distinctive gameplay of this exciting Spaceman online casino game.