Lucky Jet Game – Play and Win Real Money


The Lucky Jet game, developed by Gaming Corps, is an emerging online crash game inspired by the popular Aviator. The game has garnered significant traction among many online casino enthusiasts. 

Lucky Jet Game

In Lucky Jet, an animated man with a Jetpack on his shoulders takes off. The goal of the game is to place bets on the animated character and take out the winnings before flying away from the screen. The game’s simple nature has made it popular at online casinos worldwide. 

How to Play Lucky Jet Game Online?

The game involves an animated character taking off and claiming new multipliers, eventually increasing potential winnings. You must carry out these steps to play the Lucky Jet game:

  1. Visit an online casino platform and choose the Lucky Jet game
  2. Place your bet before the animated character takes off
  3. You can place two bets in each Lucky Jet game round 
  4. The winnings must be withdrawn before the animated character vanishes from the screen
  5. When cashing out, the winnings are calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the multiplier.  

There are no specific rules for the game. The key is to cash out before the animated character vanishes off the screen. 

Features of the Lucky Jet Crash Game

The features of Lucky Jet play an important role in making the game appealing and exciting for gamers. Some of the features include:

Auto bet

With the help of the auto bet option, you can bet on the Lucky Jet game without manually placing it all the time. You can customize the auto bet by specifying the bet amount and the number of rounds.

Auto withdrawal

You can set up automated withdrawals of winnings if you wish to automate the game completely. Turn on Auto withdrawal on the betting panel to do this. The winnings are cashed out when the coefficient you specify is met.

Live Bets

The live betting panel displays other players’ statistics and current bets in real time. You can view the total number of participants, their bet amounts in each round, their wins, and the multipliers at the time of cash out. Also, using this data, you can modify your betting strategies.


Statistics provide information regarding previous round multipliers and the highest multipliers of the day, month, and year. The data is useful in analyzing the game’s various trends and patterns and determining when the jet flies off.

In-game chat

In-game messaging is a feature of the Lucky Jet game that enables you to communicate with other gamers. The chat panel is located on the right side of the game screen.

Is the Lucky Jet Game Similar to Aviator?

Both Lucky Jet and Aviator fall under the category of Crash games. The primary difference in both games is that in Lucky Jet, there is an animated character, while in Aviator, it is just a plane.  

Concluding Thoughts

The Lucky Jet game offers plenty of excitement and rewards. The presence of an animated character is its uniqueness, while the big winnings have attracted the attention of plenty of online casino gaming enthusiasts.

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FAQs about Lucky Jet Game

It is an online casino crash game wherein you can bet on an animated character.

The goal of the game is to take out your winnings before the animated character vanishes from the screen. 

You can play the demo version of Lucky Jet on almost all online platforms.