Blue Chip Aviator – How to Play and Features, and More


Blue Chip Aviator game is where you will discover the thrill of soaring to new heights. The game has endless entertainment while offering you sky-high rewards. 

Blue Chip Aviator

Blue Chip Aviator is an exciting, fast-paced game combining skill and strategy elements. The game’s objective is simple: players must place a bet on a plane with an ever-increasing multiplier, which starts at 1x and increases exponentially as the game progresses. 

So, let’s explore more on the Aviator Game on the Blue Chip platform. 

How to Play?

Like other crash games, playing Aviator is an exciting adventure. Let’s look at step-by-step guidelines for playing the Aviator game on Blue Chip. 

Play with Real Money

  1. Register an account on the Blue Chip website by providing your Email id, Mobile phone number, a Password, and choose your Currency too. 
  2. After successfully registering, deposit money on your Blue Chip account using various payment methods like UPI, NetBanking, AstroPay, Skrill, etc. 
  3. Click on the Games section and choose Aviator.
  4. Place your bet before the plane takes off. You can place double bets in every round. 
  5. The plane takes off, and Cash Out before the plane disappears from the screen. 

Registering and depositing money in your Blue Chip account will take less than ten minutes.

Blue Chip Aviator Game Features

Blue Chip Betting Platform comes with numerous features. Here are a few reasons that attract casino gaming enthusiasts to the Blue Chip platform to play the most popular crash game.

Secure Gaming Experience:

Blue Chip’s state-of-the-art technology ensures a seamless and secure gaming experience. The platform employs advanced encryption protocols and secure payment gateways, guaranteeing the safety of users’ personal information and financial transactions. 

Auto Bet & Auto Cash Out:

In the Blue Chip Aviator, two amazing features make the game more exciting – Auto Bet and Auto Cash Out. It allows players to place bets and cash out winnings automatically. 

In-Game Chat & Statistics:

The In-game chat feature allows players to chat with fellow Aviator enthusiasts. It makes the game more exciting and enthralling. Also, the Aviator game statistics show the previous bet history and the winnings earned from the platform.


Welcome bonuses of 500% (up to Rs. 1,00,000) are up for grabs on the platform. Also, it includes 50 free bets in the Aviator game, powered by the Spribe Aviator.

Demo Version:

Blue Chip has an demo version where you can play the game for a better understanding of the game. Also, you can find out about the game’s rules and other features.

Play Aviator Demo

Blue Chip is the ideal destination for players seeking a thrilling and rewarding gaming experience. The platform has become a premier online gaming platform thanks to its cutting-edge technology, safe and secure payment methods, outstanding 24*7 customer support, and enticing promotions.

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Final Thoughts on Blue Chip Aviator Game

The online gaming industry has experienced significant growth over the past few years, with many gaming platforms offering a wide range of games. One such platform in this online gaming community is Blue Chip, and the Aviator game stands out as a must-try for new and seasoned players.

FAQs about Blue Chip Aviator

What are the top three Blue Chip Aviator game features?

The top three features that make the Aviator game stand out from other casino games include – Auto Bet & Auto Cash Out (place bet and cashout automatically), In-Game Chat (chat with other players), and Live Bet (check the history of bets). 

Is the Aviator demo game available on the Blue Chip platform?

Yes, you can play the demo version of the Aviator game on the Blue Chip website.

Can I win big at Blue Chip Aviator?

Yes, you can win big in the Aviator game. Knowing the right time to cash out the winnings is crucial. Cash Out the winnings before the plane flies away and play like a pro.