Go Rush Crash Game – How to Play and Features Explained


Go Rush, developed by TaDa Gaming, will fascinate and immerse you in the joy of winning and the world of rockets. This crash game offers visual delights and big rewards in each round. 

<H2> Go Rush

The Go Rush game involves betting on a rocket’s journey and cashing out before it crashes. The game has a simple design, visually delighting elements, and a maximum win potential of 500x your bet.

<H2> How to Play Go Rush Game Online?

  1. Navigate to the Go Rush game on an online gaming platform
  2. Place your bets before a new Go Rush game round begins
  3. Watch the rocket launch itself
  4. Cash out before the rocket crashes
  5. The winnings from the Go Rush game are calculated by multiplying the bet amount with the multiplier coefficient at the time of withdrawal

The game’s rules are simple to understand, and it is easy to play this crash game. 

Go Rush Game Features 

The core of this Crash game lies in the features. These game features offer an engaging and fun experience at online casinos. 


Auto Play lets you set up your betting parameters, enabling the game to run automatically for many rounds. You can access the autoplay option by clicking on the Auto Play option. You can automatically set the number of rounds you want to play from 10 to 500. After setting up these preferences, you can click the start button to begin the Auto Play.

Auto Cash Out

Auto Cash Out feature that allows you to set a specific multiplier at which your bet automatically cashes out. You can access the auto cashout feature by clicking on the Auto Play option. The Auto Cash Out option is trustworthy and could enhance your gaming experience.

Live Statistics

The Live Statistics features allow you to access and analyze various data and information about the game. The statistics feature displays the previous round multipliers, all bets in each game round, the highest winnings, your bet history, etc.

Double Bets

Double Bets is another exciting feature of this crash game. It allows you to place two bets simultaneously on the same game round. It is a way to double the returns in the Go Rush game. 

Free Games

Free games or the demo mode allows you to play unlimited Go Rush games. It is one of the tools to learn more about the game, develop strategies, and understand the trend of the multiplier. The demo mode is available at most of the online casinos.

Final Thoughts

The game is popular with online casino players because it is easy to understand and has exciting features. Go Rush will satisfy your thirst for excitement and big wins, whether you like games with space themes or are just looking for a fast-paced game.

FAQs about Go Rush Game

The game has a rocket taking off in outer space. To grab winnings, you must withdraw your winnings before the rocket explodes. 

It is indeed a crash game, as the objective of the game is to take out the money before it explodes. 

Some features include Auto Play, Auto Cash Out, Free Games, Live Statistics, etc.